Colour Our Coast is Coming!

A Colourful Day for Everyone

Experience the perfect blend of exhilarating fun and tasteful colours

Our Colour Our Coast fun walk / run is part of the Lakes Festival. Get excited and be a part of the fun.

Come walk, jog or run with countless others and experience the perfect blend of fun, excitement and an amazing collection of different colours. On Sunday 10th of November 2019. The fun run commences at 8:30am at Picnic Point Reserve, The Entrance.

What’s more? We are bringing you amazing features like Bands, Colourful fun and Food trucks / Markets  for Little and Big Kids alike!

Get Ready, Get Set,
Get Colourful!!

We love to make you Colourful, Read our tips &  tricks for how to have the best and most colourful day possible!!!

Get Ready

Want to be our Station

This is our special area just for those who love to make others smile! Being a Colour Station volunteer is so Fun!!!


Race Pack Collection!
Where & When

Get ready to pick up your race packs plus your optional extras. Find out where, when how and more!


We Love to Give Back

We are Supporting 3 Great Chairties from our Event

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Colour Frenzy Gallery 

Check out some of our colourful moments, so many smiles!


T-Shirts, Hats, Tutu’s

Want to join the Colour Frenzy Family? Find out our T-Shirt and Tutu sizing’s.





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